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Wiltshire Alpacas

Memorable Alpaca Experiences

Welcome to Wiltshire Alpacas, where we've turned "walk in the park" into "strut with alpaca"!

If you've ever felt like your daily stroll through nature was missing something (and that something is a fuzzy, four-legged, and fantastically funny friend), then you've come to the right place. Our alpaca walks are not your average nature trail adventure – they're like a hilarious, heartwarming, and hoof-tapping comedy show on the move!

Picture this: you, surrounded by the serene beauty of a farm trail, led by an alpaca that's practically a celebrity in the world of adorableness. These alpacas have mastered the art of walking with style, and they've got a knack for stealing the spotlight in every photo. Forget about 'Instagrammable' moments; we're talking about 'Alpacagrammable' moments!

At Wiltshire Alpacas, we don't just walk; we "al-paca" a punch in the fun department. Our woolly companions are the perfect antidote to a mundane walk – they're fluffy, fabulous, and fantastic conversation starters. Plus, you'll learn amazing al-paca trivia along the way, guaranteed to impress your friends at your next virtual trivia night.

So, if you're ready to trade your old routine for a "paca-tastic" journey through nature, take the first step – or should we say stride – with us. It's time to add a touch of whimsy to your walks and a dash of delight to your day.

Join Wiltshire Alpacas for an unforgettable experience that'll have you walking, talking, and laughing your way through one of the most memorable adventures of your life. Let's make your next walk a "Woolkshire" walk! 🌿🦙😂

Each of our alpaca experiences is private to your booking only.

Based at the popular Mill Farm Glamping near Devizes, a new adventure for adults and children. Our alpaca experiences guarantee a great experience for all, walk on a trail through nature with alpacas at your side and a knowledgeable guide to answer all your alpaca questions. Hand feed our alpacas and really get to know this beautiful exotic animal.

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Join Captain Arnold, Ruthless Ralph and Boris Big Beard this summer on a quest for the secret treasure! 


Booking is essential.. 

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