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Frequently Asked Questions

What if it's raining on the day of my alpaca walk?
Our boys dont mind some light rain so in most cases your alpaca experience will still go ahead with waterproofs and wellies. In times that there is extreme weather forecast we will contact you 24hours before to rearrange. If you have booked an experience with us and want to reschedule, please scroll down to see our policy.
Can I bring our dog to the alpaca experience?
Sadly alpacas are not big fans of dogs so we ask that you do not bring a dog to your alpaca experience. 
Is it safe to walk an alpaca when I'm pregnant?
Sadly we are not medically trained and unable to comment on this. Please contact a medical professional if you are pregnant and would like to come on an alpaca experience.
What should we bring to our experience?
We would recommend you wear suitable walking footwear and waterproof shoes if it has been wet. A coat is also advised for cold weather and suncream for hot weather. Open toe shoes are not permitted.
What is your cancellation policy?
To recieve a refund on your alpaca walk you need to give a full 7 days notice directly to us via phone or email. Any cancelletions after this will not recieve a refund unless there are extreme circumstances agreed by us.
Cancellations up to 48 hours before your booking can be
rescheduled to another date within 12 months.
Do alpacas kick or spit?
Alpacas can spit but they very rarely spit at humans. Usually if this were to happen it would not be purposely aimed at a human, more an accident that was meant to be aimed at a fellow alpaca.
Like many other animals, alpacas can kick, although our boys are well trained we can not guarantee they could not kick, because of this we ask you to never walk directly behind them. 
Can I bring a pushchair on our walk?
We do not allow pushchairs on our alpaca walks, this is because the alpaca walk goes across farmland that has a mixed terain and could be dangerous for pushchairs.
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