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Crazy Fun Year-Round with Our Alpacas: Seasonal Events in Wiltshire

At Wiltshire Alpacas, we believe in turning every day into an alpaca-filled celebration! Step into the world of joy, laughter, and fuzzy alpaca fun with our seasonal alpaca events – where crazy and exciting are the norm. From alpaca Easter egg hunts to spooktacular alpaca Halloween hunts and whimsical alpaca treasure hunts, we've got a lineup that promises a fantastic, family friendly day out in Poulshot, Wiltshire.

Unleash the Fun: Alpaca Adventures All Year Round

Our Poulshot events calendar is brimming with alpaca-themed festivities that cater to every season. Whether it's the thrill of hunting for Easter eggs, the spooky excitement of a Halloween alpaca hunt, or the anticipation of discovering treasures hidden by our charming alpacas, each event promises unforgettable moments and plenty of giggles.

Why Choose Wiltshire Alpacas Events?

Year-Round Events: At Wiltshire Alpacas, the fun never stops. Our seasonal alpaca events ensure that there's always something new and exciting happening on the farm.

Family-Friendly Fun: Looking for family activities in Wiltshire? Look no further! Our events are designed with families in mind. Watch as kids' faces light up with delight as they engage in alpaca-themed adventures, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Wholesome Entertainment: Our alpaca events are not just about the alpacas; they're about the experience. We blend the charm of our furry friends with the thrill of themed hunts, ensuring a day filled with wholesome entertainment for visitors of all ages.

Get Ready for the Alpaca Extravaganza!

Be on the lookout for upcoming events – because at Wiltshire Alpacas, we're always cooking up new and exciting alpaca adventures. Whether you're local or planning a visit to Wiltshire, our Poulshot events promise a delightful fusion of nature, family, and alpaca magic. Don't miss out on the fun – join us for an alpaca adventure in Wiltshire and let the good times roll!

       Alpaca Halloween Hunt

Looking for a unique and spooky experience unlike any other? Look no further than Wiltshire Alpacas! For one week only, we are offering alpaca walking with a Halloween twist. Get spooked as you walk along with our adorable alpacas and uncover treats along the way. Our guides will make sure you have a fun and safe experience that you won't soon forget!

Alpaca Easter Egg Hunt

Join us for a unique Easter adventure with our Alpaca Easter Egg Hunt! Our friendly alpacas will lead you on a nature trail where you'll collect Easter eggs and create memories that will last a lifetime. This experience is exclusively available during the Easter holidays, so make sure to book your spot now!

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