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Meet Our Alpacas

Each of our alpacas have very individual personalities, read below to help you decide who you would like to take on an alpaca experience.


Boris is a beautiful caramel colour most of the year (until the winter when he turns to a dirt colour from rolling about in mud..). He's around 1 year and a half old and born not far away in Shaftsbury, Dorset. He's got a very cheeky personality, if you have food, he wants it, even if he has his own food. He loves nothing more than to wind up his buddies and even the donkeys by putting his head through the gate and stealing their hay (even when he's got a whole wheelbarrow full). He enjoys play fighting with his friend Hugo and gives the cctv camera a good lick when he can. Boris also loves a good party too!


Hugo is our largest alpaca, he's very tall and has a longer face than the other boys, his coat is black and he also has a very cute Moustache. He was born in shaftsbury with both other boys and has known them since birth. He can sometimes be a little nervous but once he gets to know someone he's more than happy to walk right next to their hip. He loves to play fight with his mate Boris and sometimes has to be locked in the stable at feeding time as he like to hoover everyone else's food. He loves to be the front of the pack and also enjoys a good stroke on the neck.


Ralph is our short boy, although the same age as Hugo and Boris, he's a lot small than them. Ralph has an extremely cute short nose and the most soft wool out of all three boys. His colouring is slightly different to Hugo, he has a little more brown in him. Ralph is very quiet but we think he's the secret alpha male of the three as Hugo and Boris don't dare steal his food. Ralph likes to be pampered and knows how to get special treatment e.g. waiting for us to bring his food bowl right to his face so he has no need to get up.

He's a real character and makes us laugh daily.



Arnold is around 11 months old, he's incredibly handsome and very cheeky.

His favourite activity is eating, he loves to go on walks with his best mate Boris. He was breed at the same farm in as Hugo, Ralph, Boris and Hector.

He's a fan faviourite to walk but don't be surprised his has to stop a few times to have a nibble on the grass.

He's farmer Chris' favourite alpaca and loves to eat lying down. 



Say hello to Gus, the alpaca with a big personality. He's a bundle of energy and loves going for walks. But beware, Gus has a bit of a snacking habit. He can't resist the taste of fresh grass and flowers, and you might find yourself stopping frequently to indulge his eating habits. But don't worry, Gus is a great companion and will make your alpaca walking experience all the more memorable.


Winston, the 9 month old alpaca, is a real sweetheart. He loves to be around people, giving hugs and being hand fed. He's an ideal companion for kids on their alpaca walking adventure. With his friendly and gentle personality, Winston is sure to win your heart.



Ernie is a small alpaca with a huge personality and even bigger heart. His love for his fellow alpacas and protective nature towards them make him truly special. He may be small, but don't be fooled - he's full of character and his soft fleece is a delight to touch. Come and meet Ernie on our alpaca walking experience and see why he's one of our favourites!



Say hello to Hector! The latest addition to our herd. Hector is a very relaxed character and enjoys nothing more than a bundle of hay to feast on followed by an afternoon snooze! 

A very good walker that likes to walk alongside you rather than be led. 

He is also Wiltshire Alpacas version of Chewbacca!

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